This is the place where I make notes about what interests me. Hopefully it is useful now and again for somebody out there.

My current major personal driver is driving healthcare access from the user and patient side to enable people to be the best that they can be while balancing and optimising the value chain. Developing organisations and focusing on coaching and mentoring the players individually or as part of management teams or company boards is one of the most rewarding parts of what I do. 

I love building businesses and have had lot’s of fun doing that in several countries around the world, most recently across Europe. My experience is largely in medical devices and specifically manual and powered mobility in the Rehab space as well as homecare products.

After having started out in sales, my career developed over the years and I have now held top or senior management positions in marketing, manufacturing, supply chain and R&D. In the process I have had full business and fiduciary responsibility for running companies in several countries, regions as well as business units.

In addition to working for leading companies in this space I also founded a management consulting practice, Sibaya associates, which focussed on strategy, business, organisation and product development, M&A strategy and advice, supply chain, hands-on turnaround, and crisis management. Representative clients range from NYSE, LSE publicly traded companies to start-ups.